Oil Additive – Additional Liquid of Long Distance Travel

Additive oil liquids such as TriboTEX which are mixed with engine oil can make engine performance more protected. In conditions of frequent traffic jams, oil works harder. Therefore additive oil is needed, which can make oil last longer than heat conditions. This is magic liquid, right?

According to automotive experts, the use of this liquid is also claimed to make the engine sound smoother. Besides that it is able to increase engine performance and fuel more economically. It is very fitting for additional weapons when you travel far with your vehicle.

However, another question arises, when mixed with engine oil, then what about additives those are already in the oil? Will it make the machine broken? Please read my article below.

From several references about oil additives that I have read, it is explained that the oil additive is only a mixture that makes oil molecules more resistant when having to work hard. Remember, liquids only work when the machine works hard! All oil has base oil added with additives, so the oil additive will not damage the metals on your machine.

When oil additives like TriboTEX is used in car engines, the additives used will not come into contact with the engine so that it cannot cause engine friction which will increase the temperature in the engine. Well, why did that happen? TriboTEX is composed of Nano smart technology that treats engine and transmission as well. Nano particles in TriboTEX attach to the metal surface, particle by particle leaving the side slippery, so that friction will decrease and the machine will sound smoother. Well, this is a sophisticated technology.

Have you changed your mind to use oil additives? If you are interested in oil additives, this is the general rule of use.

> I recommend using oil additives after changing the oil. But if in the middle of the trip you want to add the liquid, it’s fine.

> Make sure the standard engine oil should not be excessive. Do not let the oil dose exceed the standard when added oil additive.

> Pour TriboTEX directly into the oil filler hole. The effect felt after a few minutes was a quieter engine vibration.

> It is advisable to make oil changes in accordance with routine maintenance schedules, although TriboTEX is to extend oil life.

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Vehicles are a valuable investment for your mobility every day. Therefore, the vehicle engine must be maintained properly. In addition to monthly checks, cars must also be given an oil additive like TriboTEX as an additional weapon to extend the life of your car and motorcycle engine.